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I'm a freelance motion graphic designer and film content creator working in multiple disciplines.

Hi there! I am Johannes Lang, a motion graphic designer and content creator based in Munich, Germany. Post-Production is my true passion but sometimes you can spot me on set too.

It all started with my graphic design studies in 2008, where I specialized in Advertisement. After a lot of theory, brain-melting and my art director Degree, I switched over to a job with lots of hands-on, high-end photo retouching. But my journey was just beginning, because I always knew there was something else I needed to explore: Film and Animation.

During my years at a large Munich advertising agency, this fascination grew and slowly I worked my way towards moving pictures across-the-board. Many years of learning and a ton of experiences later, I finally made the decision to go full time as a freelancer in 2019.

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I am open-minded
but never without focus.

Moving pictures are my specialization, but I have a large scope of experience and I am open to a wide range of projects. Variation is crucial and enriches everything that I do. The goal is to bring great ideas to life, giving my advice to clients and team members and tackling any hiccups along the way.

Since many years I work from 2D and 3D animations towards compositing and slight visual effects. I create and enhance stories with film editing and define looks and moods with color grading. My work day to day and on big projects constantly demands experience and a variety of skills.

My tools:
From industry standards to the new kids on the block.

For animation and compositing the main software programs that I use are After Effects, Fusion and Cinema 4D in combination with Redshift 3D. Not only software but also hardware-wise, my toolset of choice for editing and color grading, is definitely Davinci Resolve. BlackMagic Design offers great production and post-production pipelines. In case a specific client’s needs require Premiere Pro, I offer that way of editing as well.

The future of 3D is real-time, so at the moment I’m very excited to learn about the new prospects of the Unreal Engine. Coming out of the gaming sector, this software, without a doubt, is about to fundamentally revolutionize the film-, communication- and graphics-industry in the next few years. Soon it will be a great enrichment in my portfolio of possibilities.

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Get in contact! Send me an Email or visit me on Instagram and Vimeo. I am looking forward to getting to know new collaborators and being part of exciting projects!